I've been putting together some fun stuff to sell in addition to the books and whatnot. I have pins, stickers, autographed books and more. Stop on by and check it out.

Personal Post for a Change

So this past week has been my 2-year cancerversary. Two years since I lost a bit of kidney in some cancer-related brouhaha. It's crazy to think of how different my life is now from them. I quit smoking (also 2 year anniversary) because the doc said that makes renal cell carcinoma more of a 'when' than an 'if' in terms of recurrence, I have more books out. I have a mostly finished crocheted patience blanket. I'm down to 1 dog, and not even the dog I went into the surgery with. This week I've mourned Roxie (my beagle who died 3 days before my surgery) and my life without a massive level of daily pain. Both of those are as much an outcome as any bit of nubby, leftover kidney bits. I've mourned

Release Day - Unfinished and Incomplete

I'm so excited about this release. This is a collection of shorts that I started and then bounced onto another project. The goal of this book is for the readers to pick the story (poll is on the front page at the bottom) they want to see finished and the winning story will be completed and published in 2021. No pain, all gain. Six very different stories, all over the genre map. Give it a look and let me know what you think!

Now Available in Paperback...

Story time: I met Lee Child (of Jack Reacher Fame) the day my first book, Imminent Danger, came out. I loaned him a lighter and had a smoke outside the RWA banquet in Orlando. I was spazzed out because I was newly pub'd and he was very cool, amused. Gracious. Gave me the best advice: Enjoy it. Whether it's your 1st or your 31st. That feeling never, ever gets old. So I always take a moment to chill and enjoy my latest book in my hands. I'm at #14 & counting. I always make sure to remember Mr. Child and send him good juju to thank him for his kindness.