Unfinished & Incomplete Master List

I put together a compendium of the links for Unfinished and Incomplete. You can vote on the front page for your favorite and don't forget the contest closes 12/31/20 at 1159PM EST. Hotel at the End of the World La Belle Dame Sans Merci Paper Dolls Grave Danger The Rose of Rochefort Untitled #2

Cover Reveal: A Sugar Moon (Winged Guardians 3)

Coming to a Kindle near you on September 1st! A Sugar Moon (https://amzn.to/2Nm2CqW) The Therantian royal wedding between the beloved King Finn O'Casey and the sophisticated Duchess Cora Westgate is happening in just a few days, and to make it all happen Shayla de la Cruz has decided to give up sleep for Lent. This is the biggest event of her career and her life and she is determined to pull it off without a hitch. When her boss, the renowned wedding planner Evan Antian, is injured in a freak accident, pulling off the royal event of the century falls squarely on her shoulders. She’s got this, but man, is it a lot of work. Evan’s accident is found not to be quite so accidental, and the Palace

Unfinished and Incomplete: Untitled #2

This is the last one in this series! Yay!! This one is not paranormal. More of a New Adult as opposed to YA. Think throwback to the 90s vibe. Stray Ortiz is celebrating spring break for her senior year in college on South Padre Island. Think of her as Type A+. Uptight, devoted to her schooling, her friends convinced her to take some time for herself for a change. She's in the hunt for sun, sand, and fun. She's not looking for a relationship, the most she wants is warm sunshine and a cold drink. Jaxon is preppy and pre-med. In his last year before med-school, he's taking the time to take a breath before he dives headfirst into the career he's been chasing since he was a toddler. His family is

Unfinished and Incomplete: The Rose of Rochefort

This is a romantic mystery, a fish out of water story where the fish grows legs and learns to stand on her own. I envisioned this as a set of 6 connected shorts (25,000 word segments) that tell the story of Evangeline Padgett Jones. I got the idea drunk on my birthday in New Orleans. I realize there's a lot to unpack in that sentence, but there we are. It was an awesome birthday, running around with the Feral Cows (the group of writer friends I hang out with who are amazing and wonderful) drunk as a poet on payday starting early in the day and carrying on in fine fashion. We went out to the Oaks plantation for a tour. I'm a sucker for art and architecture. I'm into antique furniture and find

Unfinished and Incomplete: Grave Danger

This next story in my Unfinished and Incomplete series, a romantic suspense with a Bones kinda feel, but my heroine is no Brennan. Through Line: Dr. Katherine Walker is a forensic anthropologist who teaches at the University of Indianapolis. She's renowned for her work identifying victims of serial killers for several law enforcement agencies. She's the go-to person when they have a skeleton and no other info. She is from a small town in southern Indiana on the Ohio River and would just as content to never go back if she didn't have to. Lincoln County Sheriff Granger 'Gray' Cobb is a hometown boy made good. He takes his job seriously and when a body is found on some recently sold farmland, h

I Am Completely Ridiculous

I like old things. I have a passion for Renaissance history, old books, old movies, old lighters, old languages, doesn't matter. Maybe it's a holdover from my one grandmother owning an antique shop and putting my younger sister and I to work there. Or my grampa shamelessly indulging my childhood love for fossils and bringing both my first fossil collection and my first Audubon society field guide. I love to collect things, too. My grandmother started a collection of miniature perfume bottles that she conferred to me when she became too ill to tend to it. I also collect old table lighters, fountain pens, glass dip pens, calligraphy pens, inks of all kinds so long as they're purple, and oddl

Unfinished and Incomplete: Paper Dolls

Next up in my Unfinished and Incomplete series, a romantic suspense. Through Line: He loves her and wants nothing but the best for her. If only she could see that. Dr. Mimi Peralta is the new medical examiner in the city of Peterborough, fresh off a bad breakup. New job, new town, whole new life, right? When a body is found on the river, it brings Lt. Jake Fahey into her orbit, and the world gets both better and stranger for it. As more bodies start rolling in, there seems to be one common thread, and it's closer than anyone thinks. Can Mimi survive a serial killer's obsession with her or will Jake just be left with his own paper doll? Mimi Peralta just wants to have fun. A theater kid at

Unfinished and Incomplete: La Belle Dame Sans Merci (A Piacer Vostro)

This is the first in a series that examines my thoughts and plans for the story fragments showcased in Unfinished and Incomplete. Through Line: Two ancient forces, both alike in hunger. In fair New Orleans, we lay our scene. A vampire sets his sights on a beautiful woman, but is she all that she seems? A gargoyle takes advantage of the one night available to her to shed her stone skin and take part in the forbidden humanity she normally watches in silence. One night, one unforgettable meeting, one chance at a love they'd both been denied for centuries. This is a story that takes place adjacent to my Winged Guardian Universe, in the same way No Good Deed is. The title is based of the poem by

A Hunter's Moon: An Excerpt

Head over to Karen's Killer Book Bench to check out an excerpt from Book 2 in the Winged Guardian Series. In addition to the sneak peek, I'm also giving away a signed copy and an author swag pack. https://wp.me/p4pimt-603

Unfinished and Incomplete: Hotel At The End of the World

This is the first in a series that examines my thoughts and plans for the story fragments showcased in Unfinished and Incomplete. Through Line: If you had six months to live, what would you want to set right? Could you do it? Those are the questions that keep Henry Rothschilde up at night. As he contemplates the dwindling shot clock on his life, his mind goes to the one thing he needs before he consigns his soul to judgement: Vengeance. Hotel at the End of the World is somewhat of a redemption story. It's the story of a man with nothing left to lose and suddenly on a clock. He's a mercenary by trade, a killer by profession, and has had a fairly flexible moral compass for a while, but facing

4th of July Traditions or We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

I'm lamenting the lack of sharks on my television. Though, to be fair, I think everyone's life could only be improved by a John Williams score accompanying them. Yes, in addition to copious amounts of barbecued meat, courtesy of the husband, and me making the occasional side dish (the largest batch of artichoke spinach dip in the history of my household), one of the big things in my house is to watch Jaws. It's my mom's favorite movie, and this tradition stretches all the way back to my childhood. We're talking early HBO and VCRs, folks. In case you wondered. I'm that old. I know, an early Spielberg movie from before I was born (barely) seems like an odd choice for a holiday weekend, but it

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Book 3

So I've been working on book 3 in the Winged Guardian series, A Sugar Moon (cover reveal coming soon!), and I got the coolest email notification. Thanks to Desert Rose RWA, I'm now officially a winner of the 2020 Golden Quill Award for Paranormal Romance! I am so excited and I'm losing my mind!! Check It Out Here!