Leaves Are Falling and So Should You

Fall is the season for love. I know people have a lot to say about spring, but I can tell you, I dig the cooler temps (but not COLD), the coziness, the baking, the Hallmark movies. It just works for me on a fundamental level. I also think taking time for yourself is important. You can't look after everyone else if you're not yourself. Whether it's a glass of wine in the bath, a warm drink while wrapped up in blankets, it's good to do something that's just for you and let's you recharge so you can keep on keeping on. So grab a warm beverage of your choice, pick up a book, and enjoy some 'me time.'

Release Day!

This year, y'all. I know I don't have to tell you that 2020 has been absolutely out of pocket and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. My father passed away at the beginning of the month and I lost my grandmother a few months before that in the spring. And through all there's been writing. A Hunter's Moon came out in April, on Good Friday. Toward the middle of quarantine with no end in sight for months. I loved writing for Cherry and Vasily, and now, I'm finally over the hurdle for book 3, A Sugar Moon. There were times when I thought this story would get the best of me, that life would find a way to leave it (and the series) incomplete. Fortunately, Shayla and Xander get their day in th